Wednesday, October 28, 2009



This is Miller. He is a 2 year old chocolate lab that just showed up on our back step one day. He was a hairless, wormy, sickly, emaciated puppy, about 6 mos. old when we found him. We have helped him to recover from his early neglect and we love him very much but do not have the time he needs to make him happy. Miller loves to swim, go for walks or runs and to chase after the 4-wheeler. He even rides in a canoe. He has been started on some basic obedience and he learns very fast. He walks well on a leash. He was house trained as a puppy but has been an outside dog for over 6 months now, so would need a refresher course on that. He runs happily into a crate and will rest there quietly for hours or all night. He is a wonderful, friendly, loving, fun dog and would be the perfect companion for some active person who loves duck hunting, water sports or jogging. Miller is neutered, wormed regularly and up to date on shots. We are looking for the perfect home where he will be able to become part of the family. He is wonderful with children, although he is rambunctious so small children would have to be supervised. He is NOT good with poultry or other small animals. He does chase them. But Miller just loves all people. He weighs about 50 lbs.

Miller will swim round and round looking for the stick we throw in for him. If we throw in two sticks, he will swim to one, grab it and swim with it to the other, then bring them both out. He's so cool!

Miller also just swims for the pure love of it. Here, this is what he is doing. When he gets out, he runs down the hill and into the woods where he knows Ted is chopping wood.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Falling Waters Horse Camp

The girls and I finally went camping with the horses again. Our second trip was even more fun then the first. We just took two horses, Missy and Cindy, but Kate was able to ride an extra horse the Penkas brought. Our trip was a Wrangler club event. There were only three families that were able to make it, but we had enough fun for everyone! Our camp included Kate and ClaireAnna and I, Susan and Katelyn Danzy, and Justus, Olga, Malcolm and Curt Penka. The four kids were all close in age and had such fun playing together in the camp ground. The nights were quite cold but our days were sunny and beautiful. The fall colors were spectacular! We had a super fun time and can't wait to go back! ClaireAnna, Katelyn and Curt
ClaireAnna and Katelyn being silly in the campground.Cleaning up after the horses.

Katelynn on Pokey and ClaireAnna on Cindy, getting ready to head off for our first ride! That's Kate behind the white horse she road. ClaireAnna on Cindy in front of the "falling waters"!
The girls with the Penka's new puppy, Tiny Tina, a.k.a Chomper

Curt and Malcolm

Is this working?

ClaireAnna on Missy and Katelyn on Cindy, playing in the creek.

Giving the mares a drink.

Under the Falling Waters Horse Camp sign.

Lovin' on Katelyn's horse, Pokey.

Malcolm hiding from the girls.

ClaireAnna and Katelynn trying to make a fire. I should have taken a picture of the finished product. They actually did a really good job!

Olga and Justus Penka cooking chicken on the fire.

The wonderful camper that Susan so kindly let us sleep in - so much warmer then our tent would have been!

Our trailer where the mares "camped."

A view of the campground. That's the Danzy's red truck and trailer and the bathhouse to the left.
I took this from the back of a horse.