We raise beef cattle on grass pasture and home grown hay.  We have a small herd of about 20 mama cows (We've recently reduced our number from about 30) that are mostly registered Fleckvieh Simmental.  We also have a couple Limousin and a black cow or two. Our bull is registered Red Angus.  Our cows are calm and happy and used to our presence.  They calve in the spring and we sell the calves in the fall at the local sale barn.  We keep one steer back to raise for our own beef.  At this time, we do not raise market animals for the public.  We do sell young steers at market price should you want to raise one for yourself.

A very nice Limousin X Red Angus bull calf. 

One of our registered Fleckvieh Simmental mamas with her calf. 

A young Fleckvieh X Red Angus steer. 
"Waddie" as a young bull.
Registered Red Angus  

Annabelle is our pet.  She loves attention and scratches.
She'll let ClaireAnna sit on her back if she's laying down.
 She was born here and she'll never be sold.  We love her.