Friday, January 28, 2011

Barn Fun

ClaireAnna and her two friends, Malcolm and Kurt Penka, just being farm kids, playing in the barn.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jes & ClaireAnna on a Winter Ride

Jes and ClaireAnna on Woodrow and Missy

Monday, January 24, 2011

Goat Problems

Grace and Teddi Bear are still struggling, unfortunately. Grace has mastitis on one side of her bag so bad it feels like a brick. We’ve been treating it but it’s not improving at all. This is such a huge disappointment because she is our most valuable, highest quality goat, not to mention, she’s a sweetie and we just love her. Severe mastitis ruins a goat’s udder and now, even if Grace lives, she will probably have to be culled. It’s just devastating. Little Teddi Bear is nursing vigorously on Grace’s good side, but does not ever seem to be full so we are bottle feeding her as well. She’s a cutie and Claire just loves her. I hope she makes it. She will be Grace’s legacy. My evaluation: Purebred goats are a pain. Our hybrids are so much easier to care for, never get sick, stay fat, have vigorous kids year after year! So why are the purebred babies worth so much more?? Doesn’t make sense.

Post Script: Teddi Bear died.  She had no immune system.  Grace's bag never recovered.  She was sold as a non-breeding brush goat.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who Knew ClaireAnna Would Love Basketball!??

ClaireAnna started Upwards in 2009. They offer basketball and cheerleading and since she had never tried either, she decided on cheerleading. She really had a great time that year. Then, later that summer, she attended a free, 3 day summer basketball camp at the same church. It was the first time she ever played and it really turned her thinking around. So for 2010, she played basketball. They had about 8 practices and 8 games and she just loved it. After that season, she said, “Now that I know how to play basketball, I would NEVER pick cheerleading!” This is her second year to play and she went from the youngest, least experienced on the team, to having a leadership role on the team this year. In game two, she made 20 points out of the 29 scored by the whole team! In Game 3, featured in the videos above, she made about 10 baskets also.  In the first two videos, she runs the ball down and makes a basket first try.  The third video is a little of her defense, then she gets the rebound and takes the ball down, attempts a basket, then runs back and more defense.  Final score: 36 to 24 Lady Wolf Pack!!!
FYI: Upwards is a low competition church league for kids who mostly want to have fun and learn how to play basketball.  It is decidedly and unashamedly Christian.  There are weekly Bible verses to learn at each practice and a half time devotion lesson for kids and parents at each game.  We LOVE it!   

Friday, January 21, 2011

Teddi Bear the Goat Kid

Our first kidding of the year was way too eventful for my taste. Grace, a 94% registered Boer doe and our ‘09 Grand Champion Market Goat, was bred to a neighbors show buck. We are really excited about her kids since they are sure to be high quality. She kidded last night about 6:30. Thank God Ted was there and checked on her again just before heading home from chores. Her first kid was born naturally but the second kid had her head bent back and was presenting us with only two, long, front legs. Ted had to glove up, push the baby back into the uterus and then manipulate the kid into the proper birthing position with her head forward. He then pulled the kid out but she was already dead. Thankfully, Grace did not prolapse, something common to goats with difficult births.
But the first doeling, now named Teddi Bear by ClaireAnna, was born quite weak and unable to nurse.  Here she is immediately after birth.
We had to bring her home, blow dry her to warm her up and give her some milked out colostrum. Then we put her back out with mama. This morning, she still hadn’t nursed, so we milked the mama again and brought Teddi Bear home to give her a bottle. Claire had a fun morning taking care of her.
P1210085No comments about what a wreck my house is. Ted’s been busy and I’m broken! P1210057P1210087 P1210092
Teddi Bear had a nice nap on the kitchen floor with Claire’s hat for a pillow.
P1210109Here she is with her sweater on, just before we put her back out with her mama.
Grace was doing poorly this morning, so I decided to call in the vet. Birthing problems are not common in goats, but when they have them, it really knocks them for a loop. Grace had a fever, was dehydrated, not eating or drinking and having trouble standing. And trust me. A goat the won't eat is a very sick goat indeed. The vet came out and treated her for infection and hydrated her. By evening, she was doing much better and started to eat on her own and little Teddi Bear was finally nursing properly. We are still concerned about both of them since there is a chance that Teddi did not get enough colostrum and Grace may still not recover. But we are doing everything we can to help them through it. Lets pray the rest of our kiddings go more smoothly then this one!