We bought a nice little trio of American Nubian Dairy Goats in 2010.  We enjoy them very much for their wonderful personalities and the cuteness factor of the kids.  ClaireAnna shows them at the county fair and they are always a hit with visitors to our petting zoo.  We have not started milking them yet, but plan to in the future with the hope of learning how to make some goat milk products like cheese and soap. 

We'll have two to four registerable, purebred, Nubian kids in the spring.  Call Lisa Harmon @ 479-970-5396 for availability or to get on our call list.

2010 American Nubian Buck
ClaireAnna bottle feeding Jasper with pastureized goat's milk.

Jasper as a juvenile in 2011.  He suffered a horrific accident and nearly died.  He limped for over a year but is now healthy and limp free.

2009 American Nubian Doe
Allie as a yearling in 2010.  She was purchased bred.
Allie's 2010 singleton doeling, Bailey.  Kept for breeding.
Allie's 2011 singleton buckling, Cody.  Sold intact.
2012 To my shock and delight,  and after 2 years of singltons, Allie had triplets!
2012 Allie's triplet doeling, JoAnna
2012 Allie's triplet buckling, Sweeny Todd

2012 Allie's tiniest triplet doeling.  We lost her to a broken leg.

2010 American Nubian Doe

Bailey on the right at the county fair with her mother, Allie, on the left.  Bailey was awarded Reserve Champion Dairy Goat Doe. Bailey is bred to Jasper and due in early 2012 with her first kids.  

2012 Bailey's first kidding was a huge success.  She had healthy twins!
2012 Bailey's twin buckling, Joey

2012 Bailey's twin doeling, Rosalie

We bred Jasper to a 75% Boer doe and he produced these two darlings in 2011.  Emmet, on the left and Alice on the right.  They turned out very "Nubian." Alice was sold to Dayna Walker and shown at the county fair as a dairy goat.