We raise two breeds of ducks.  Our flock is free range most of the year until breeding season in late winter when the different breeds have to be separated into different pens.  We let the ducks set their own eggs most of the time.  We are not a hatchery and do not have a big incubator. We simply have a hobby flock of ducks to show and have fun with.  Once the ducklings are hatched, the flock is let back out into the barnyard.  They are a very happy little flock. 

We normally have ducklings for sale in the spring.  Call Lisa Harmon @ 479-970-5396 for availablility or to get on our call list.  At this time, we do not ship.

Our penciled Runners are from Holderread's show quality line.  They are hearty, good foragers, good egg layers and fun ducks to own.  They are not good setters.  Penciled is the only variety we raise.

The penciled runners and some of their friends in the barnyard.

Penciled runners and friend.

ClaireAnna won Jr. Showmanship at the 2011 County Fair with her penciled runner duck, and 2nd place at the Arkansas State Fair in 2012 with this same duck.

Our Ancona ducks are also from Holderread's.  They are my favorite breed of duck.  They are a perfect, all purpose farm duck being excellent foragers, good layers and a good size for meat.  Ours have been good setters.  We have four colors: black, blue, chocolate and lavender. 
ClaireAnna won Grand Champion Duck Pair with her blue Anconas at the 2008 County Fair.

A chocolate Ancona duck with her hatchlings.

Ancona ducklings.

Ancona juveniles (and friends).


We do eat our duck eggs!  They are large, tasty, healthy eggs.  We love them scrambled and hard boiled.  They make outstanding egg salad and deviled eggs due to their creamy yokes.  They are not as good fried as a chicken egg.  They are excellent for baking.