Listed below are our personal riding horses and those we use for private guided trail rides.  We do not breed or raise horses for sale purposes and only rarely have one for sale. 



Miss is a 1994, bay American Quarter Horse.  She is the second horse we bought when we moved to the farm and Katelynn's first horse.  We bought her in Wisconsin and had her shipped to Arkansas.  She is a wonderful old girl who has taught us all how to ride.   She is safe for all riders and we have used her for trail rides, parades and horse shows.  Missy has had three colts for us.  Sadly, two of them were OLWS (Overo Lethal White Syndrome) and had to be put to sleep at birth.  We were shocked to find out that our solid bay with very little white, carried the OLW gene.  Missy's first colt was a beautiful dun filly and was sold as a weanling.  Unfortunately, Missy is currently suffering from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and we are uncertain about her prognosis.  We are not able to ride her anymore.


ClaireAnna, age 3, Cindy, age 2.  BFFs

Cindy Lu Who is ClaireAnna's first pony.  I found her on Dreamhorse in Branson, MO.  She was 2 years old in 2004 and untrained when we got her.  ClaireAnna was age 3.  She has turned out to be the most wonderful pony in the world.  We love her and would not part with her for a million dollars!  Cindy is an unregistered American Paint Pony.  Her color is dun tobiano.  She is 13.2 hands tall.  Cindy has had two colts: The Grinch, in 2008, and Merry Lu Who in 2011.  Cindy is the perfect trail horse.  ClaireAnna also uses her in any speed event and at playdays and in parades.  She is a bit stubborn, but she'd never do anything dangerous.  She is safe for all riders and we use her for trail rides for beginners. 



Glori, as we call her, is a 2002, bay tobiano, registered Tennessee Walking Horse.  She is 15.2 hands.  She was bought for Jes as a trail horse but has been ridden very little over the several years we have owned her.  Her problem is that she is  horrible to ride while she is in heat, so we are finally having her spayed in January of 2011.  I have adopted her as my own horse (Lisa) and have taken her on several great trail rides and can't wait till her procedure is done so I can start working with her on a regular basis.  Glori is my new project and I'm very excited about the relationship she and I will be building.  She has had one beautiful, buckskin tobiano colt for us which we very much regret selling as a yearling.  Sure wish I owned that colt now. 


Woodrow is a monster!  He is a blue papered Missouri Fox Trotter with an amazingly smooth fox trot and rocking horse lope.  He is black tobiano and stands a very stocky 15.3.  Woodrow is Ted's horse.  He's the first horse Ted ever really enjoyed riding.  It is because of Woodrow that I have shared some of the most wonderful trail rides of my life with my husband.  Woodrow is an excellent trail horse half the time and has anxiety issues the other half.  We're working on it.  


Getting to know eachother on the day of his birth.

ClaireAnna picked the name "The Grinch" for Cindy's first colt two years before it was born.  Funny how he was born with a Grinch on his face!

ClaireAnna with her Grinch as a weanling.  He is such a gorgeous fellow!
This is the very first time ClaireAnna was ever on the Grinch's back.  This is after his first 30 days of training by Lydia Carter, who did an excellent job starting him.

First trail ride on The Grinch under the instruction of her trainer, Brad Palmer. 
 The Grinch is Cindy's first colt.  He was born on April 27, 2008.  He is a bay tobiano and currently stands about 14 hands.  His sire is Smart Stinger by Color Me Smart by Smart Little Lena, so while his breeding on his bottom side is unknown, his top side is quite stellar!  The Grinch belongs to ClaireAnna.  She has raised him from a colt and is now riding him on trail rides.  He's been taken to shows and ridden in 2 parades and did very well.  Claire will start riding him at horse shows and jr. rodeos in 2012.  The Grinch is amazing and very much beloved.  He'll never leave Harmon PFarms


Katelynn riding Te on her first trail ride in 15 years! (Te's first, not Kate's first!)

Rachel Scott (Pope County 4Her) showing Te at the fair.
 Te, or "TeeBird" as I call her, was a brood mare we bought but changed our mind about breeding.  We were told by her previous owners that she had never been broke to ride.  They had owned her for 12 years and knew the people who had owned her for a few years before that.  After a while, Te's gentle nature convinced me otherwise and we tried her out.  Sure enough, she was trained quite well, and though she is technically "green broke", she is gentle and safe for most anyone to ride.  At age 22, she is very healthy with strong teeth and feet and is a great trail horse!  We have leased Te out to 4H kids for now where she is being loved, used and well cared for.  But she will come home to Harmon PFarms when it's time for her to retire, or when I decide I just miss her too much! Her current rider calls her, "Sweet Tea" and that is really exactly what she is.  She loves to cuddle!


Jack Frost, a miniature, gray and white, donkey, was a Christmas present for ClaireAnna several years ago.  He is a sweet, gentle, cuddly, little donkey that loves attention, hugs and kisses, but hates his feet trimmed!   



Elvis is a registered mini that I found on Craigslist.  Johnnie is also registered and was a surprise from Ted that he found for me at the local horse auction.  They are both geldings and about the same age and size.  They are buddies and are sweet, gentle minis we plan to train to lead line and eventually pull a cart.  The girls love to groom them at our petting zoos.  I think they are adorable! 




I owned Jazz for five years.  She is my favorite horse of all time.  I will never stop missing her.  But her trot and lope were just to rough for my bad hip and back and no one else at our place rode her, so I sold her back to her original owner.  (Smokey grullo American Quarter Horse, 14.2 hands)



Chexy is Jazz's daughter.  I waited years for her, then had her trained at age three and finally got to ride her three times before my hip went bad.  During my months of pain, then surgery and finally recovery, I realized that I would never be able to fullfull the dreams I had for Chexy - to learn reining.  I sold her to a lovely young lady from Oklahoma who will do just that with her.  Chexy is my second favorite horse of all time and I will alway miss her as I do her mother.  (Dun American Quarter Horse)


Now this is the horse we never should have sold. Alex is Glori's son.  He is a bucksin tobiano, registered, Tennessee Walking Horse/ Spotted Saddle Horse.  This is the horse I could be riding right now!  Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.  At the time, we had too many horses and I was unaware that gaited was going to be so important to me in the near future.  We got an offer on him and sold him as a yearling.  He was a sweetie! 

Really wish we had not sold this one either.  This is Missy's first colt.  We always thought we'd breed Missy again and keep a gelding out of her but tragically, that didn't work out.  We sold Nikki as a weanling to a farm in Pennsylvania.  They say she is the sweetest horse they have ever known.  At weaning, she was so gentle a four year old could handle her, as you can see.  Missy has come to mean so much to us that we would love to own a colt of hers, especially now that she is no longer rideable.  I think Nikki would have filled her shoes nicely.  Another big mistake. 

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