Wednesday, November 17, 2010


In August of 2009, ClaireAnna and I started this book. It’s a full year course on Biology from a Christian perspective for grades 3-6. You adjust the work for the grade you are teaching. CKEB
We worked through the the text and filled this binder with color pages, experiments, quizzes, diagrams, drawings and lots of other things. It’s a fat binder and it’s full! IMG_3595
This past summer, ClaireAnna participated in a week long science camp on the human body, put on by our local university. It fit right in with our biology study. This fall, we took some extra time to review the Human Body and study it more in depth with this book.
49548_1_ftc_dpThe last unit in the biology text was on Water Creatures and since ClaireAnna LOVES Sharks, we took some extra time to study them more in depth and make this lapbook.
IMG_3594IMG_3590IMG_3592IMG_3593ClaireAnna wants you to know that sharks don’t eat people on purpose. They don’t even like the taste. Sharks can’t help it if you look like a seal!
IMG_3599 So, we’ve finished Biology! It’s been so much fun! For the remainder of this school year, we’ll study Chemistry with this book! ClaireAnna can’t wait to do all the experiments and learn about matter, molecules, atoms, elements, reactions and all the rest! She LOVES science!