I love movies.  Going to the cinema is one of my very favorite things to do and while I go often enough with my husband, friends or kids, I also often go alone and enjoy it very much.  I love the atmosphere, the sounds, the popcorn, everything!  We also watch lots of movies at home.  I can enjoy just about any kind of movie.  It doesn't have to be deep or intellectual for me to like it.   Comedies, action, suspense, drama - I like them all.  (I don't like crudeness though.)

But I am quite picky about the movies that I call my "favorites."  These movies will always have a few things in common.  I like best the kind of movies that tell a story about people who struggle yet demonstrate passion, determination, integrity, strength, sacrifice and love in spite of their problems.  I love movies about triumph and faith, bravery and heroism.  I love movies based on true stories of real people.  I love movies that leave me with a positive message I can believe in and movies that share a deep truth in a passionate way.  My favorite theme of all is that of sacrifice.  When an individual is willing to sacrifice their time, money, possessions, reputation, future or even their very life for the sake of another, I am moved to tears

Here is a list of my favorite movies.  All of these movies have made me cry.  In fact, just remembering most of them will bring me to tears.  These are movies that I believe have enriched my life and taught me something or at least affirmed my belief in something important.  These are movies I have watched over and over again and often quote.  Some of these movies have a spiritual meaning for me personally.  


Favorite Comedies
Sadly, as time goes by, there are less and less comedies I can recommend.  
It seems that these days, comedies are necessarily crude and vulgar.  

Favorite Romances



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