Front of the horse barn showing tack/ feed room door.

Board is $175/ month and includes:
  • Free choice grass pasture in summer, home grown hay in winter
  • Fresh water
  • Pipe panel coral with run-in 
  • Pipe panel round pen
  • Large grass pasture
  • Electric cord horse safe fencing w/ capped t-posts
  • Washing/ grooming/ tacking areas
  • Tack/ feed room
  • Use of stalls when desired or needed
  • Daily health check of all horses
  • 160 acres for trail riding
  • Pond, creeks, river, wooded trails
  • Bathroom on site
  • Trailer parking privileges
  • Friendly, family farm atmosphere

The boarder horses are kept in a large, safe pasture that includes a grouping of trees for shade.  They are let into the coral with a run-in during inclement weather.  We do not stall horses unless there is a good reason such as illness or injury.  The stalls are available for our boarders to use as they desire.  Bedding and mucking out is not provided.  

Boarder's horse pasture.
Boarder's horse pasture in winter showing cord fencing
and capped t-posts. 
Board does not include grain.  Most of our horses do not get grain at all since our hay is very nutritious and they are easy keepers.  Boarders are welcome to keep a can of their own grain in the tack/ feed room.  We will feed your grain to your horse upon request or you can do it when you visit.  
Back of the horse barn showing pipe fence corrals
and run-ins.

Horses are dewormed every three months by me, with the cost of the dewormer charged to the boarder.  It's usually only $5 when I use generic ivermectin and occasionally $15 when I use Quest or a similar product.  
Inside the horse barn showing stalls and halter racks. 

Horses' feet are trimmed on a regular basis and shoed only upon the owner's request.  We have two excellent farriers who service our farm, live close and are reasonably priced.  I usually pay them and then bill the boarders.  I will handle your horse for trimming and shoeing if you like or you can choose to be present.  

We only take four outside horses.  We currently have three open spaces.  Call Lisa Harmon @ 479-970-5396 for more information or to arrange a farm visit! We'd love to welcome you to our farm family! 

Beautiful wooded trails to ride.

Pretty wooded trail with flowing creek crossings.
Our farm pond.  You can fish too! 

The bootleg trail, just above the river. 

The Illinois Bayou flows right through our farm.
Access trail allows swimming for people or horses!
Good fishing here too! 
We're adding new trails all the time through out the woods on the farm.
Our hay field in the bottoms, second cutting in square bales.