Saturday, September 10, 2016

Till Death

Till Death

By Lisa Marie Harmon

It’s said a man will leave his home and cleave to his new wife,

And she and he will then be We as long as both have life.

But promised not, is any pair, full freedom from contention.

In love and life there is more strife then passion dares to mention.

And just because they now are one in flesh and life and purpose,

It would be foolish to pretend that conflict will not surface.

And when it does, the two are shocked and saddened to discover,

That pride and sin and discontent are certain to uncover.

They must, instead of giving up, a war against these wage.

Hold not a grip on bitterness; turn every damaged page.

Remember well that love is not based on the way you feel.

But rather it’s a gift you give with purpose strong as steel.

It doesn’t come; it doesn’t go. True love is not unfaithful.

It holds no record, casts no blame; it’s patient and it’s graceful.

So when you take that sacred vow, and make it from the heart,

You Stay, you Keep, you Persevere, till death, you do not part.

Friday, September 9, 2016


This one just came flying out of me this morning.  I had no choice but to write it.  I LOVE it. 


By Lisa Marie Harmon

Does distance-perfect golden sun emit sustaining light?

Does lightning bright with thunder boom a wondrous show ignite?

Do ranges surge forth from the earth? Do Tetons pierce the sky?

Do canyons grand and river’s rage a shocking view supply?

Do far beneath the crusted firm the molten mantles stream?

Do crystal pools of azure blue in mountain valleys gleam?

Is winter cold in farthest north white deep in glacial snow?

Is spring with cherry blossoms pink a certainly to show?

Do creatures strange of deep abyss in lightless pressure thrive?

Do killers breach and dolphins leap? Do seabirds hunting, dive?

Do eagles glide on currents high in swift and glorious soar?

Do redwoods live a thousand years to harbor forest floor?

Does single cell to infant form in less than forty weeks?

Does newborn’s wisdom urge him just and mother’s breast he seeks?

Did all of universal realm, in random chaos form,

Or God but whisper His command and all that is was born?

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Haiku about a certain girl I know with curly hair. (Love you!)

Seeking direction
Willful, striving, divergent
The hair and the girl