Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Late August Walk with a Camera

(Remember, you can click on a picture to enlarge it.)
My pretty Chexy.
ClaireAnna and Bo, the gentlest dog ever.
These are ClaireAnna’s new ducks. The tall ones are Penciled Runners and the little ones are Australian Spotteds. She hopes to win Grand Champion Other Fowl at the County Fair with these guys.
This is Luna. Claire’s market hog.
Ally and her doeling, Bailey. These two are going to the fair This is Claire’s first year showing dairy goats.
IMG_3179IMG_3186 IMG_3237
Silly Bailey!
ClaireAnna and Dayna huggin’ on a dairy goat.
Dinner time in the goat pen.
Our buck, Romeo, always gets his share.
Mother, Frenchie, and daughter, Shiloh, finishing up the crumbs.
Cutie Pie with this year’s calf. This guy’s name is Alfredo.
This newborn calf doesn’t stand a change against all that milk. She tries, but never makes a dent in that bag! Isn’t this a pretty cow!
Lovey (because of the heart on her forehead)
That’s Peaches resting in the shade of a cedar tree.
Our pond and a pretty blue sky.
The girl’s spotted a snake. Dad’s checking it out. No, it’s not a Water Moccasin. Just an ordinary water snake.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a bird like this at our pond. Isn’t it cute?!
IMG_3226 IMG_3240
The main horse pasture is crispy. No rain in several weeks. Tomorrow we will put out hay. There’s nothing left for them to eat.
Beautiful Cindy going for a walk. This pasture is still a bit green with plenty of grass yet.
Claire and Lucky, walking home.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Goodbye Pelican

We lost our good friend, Pelican, today. She was a lovely white Pekin duck. The oldest duck in the barnyard and the friendliest too. Pelican was ClaireAnna's favorite. The only duck of hers that would happily eat out of her hand. I guess she was stressed from the breeding season and never quite recovered. She developed an infection and though we treated her, she passed away today. We've had a lot of tears and sadness thinking about how much we loved that sweet, funny, little duck. ClaireAnna has drawn a picture of Pelican to help her remember. Pelican had a free, happy, duck life and we sure are going to miss her in the barnyard.