Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today in the Barnyard

Waddie and his minions are just hanging out in the bull pen.
His exile won't be over till the middle of May when he will be reunited
with his ladies and allowed 8 months of freedom.  
It is fun for me to get this close to him. 
There is a fence between us, but when taking this photo, I was just
about five feet from him.  He's big!!
The runner ducks are doing well. 
We are happy with the new duck and drake we got from another breeder. 
The drake is the one in the middle with the darker head. 
We are really hoping for our first purebred runner duckings in a month or two!
(We have never had a runner drake till now!)  

Annie Lee is proud of her triplets who are all doing well,
but are as yet, unnamed.
What's up with that, ClaireAnna?

Freckles is next to lamb.  We are predicting triplets for her also!
She's due March 28th. 

Merry got a good brush out and is getting some tie time.
The adage is, "A tied horse is a good horse." 
Merry is about to become a very good horse!
She will be brushed then tied daily for the foreseeable future. 
Getting her ready for training this summer.

While I was brushing Merry,
 ClaireAnna and Joey were cuddling in the hay.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good Things Come in Threes!

The first lamb has been born on Harmon PFarms.  Or should I say, the first three lambs!  Annie Lee lambed triplets on Monday, March 18th, 2013! By the time we found them, they were all dried off and had nursed.  They are all doing great!  What's amazing is the array of colors!  We've got a solid brown ewe lamb, a solid black ram lamb, and a white with black spots ewe lamb!  We are going to keep the ewes.  The ram will be for sale at weaning.

One for each!

This little ewe is adorable!

2013 Calf Birth

I was sitting at my dining room table and happened to look out the window.  I saw this cow lying down in the pasture right behind our house and knew she was about to give birth, so I sent ClaireAnna out to capture the event! She had to stay pretty far away so as not to disturb mama and she had been filming quite awhile before the calf was actually born so the angle is not great and her hand had gotten tired and wobbly, but she did a great job considering!

Here he is all dried off! What a cutie!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

She's Twelve

ClaireAnna is twelve.  I'm not happy about it.  It's all going by way too fast.  Two years from now, she'll be 14 and THAT is simply impossible!  Gosh I love this kid!  What a blessing she has been to all of us and to the world. 

This is the birthday hat. 
She's worn it all day on her birthday for
several years now.  No matter where we go.
Today, she wore it to church and out to eat. 

Mulans for the birthday lunch with mom and dad, Jes and Kate. 
They made her a cake and sang her happy birthday!

It's a twelve and a heart carved out of cake!

Later, Kate made her a funfetti cake at home.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today in the Barnyard

Jaden lying with his triplet brother, Al, 3/4 Nubian X 1/4 Boer bucklings

Bray, Boer doeling

It's always "fun" to happen upon this scene
and wonder if they are dead or sleeping.
Tony and Jenny, 3/4 Boer X 1/4 Kiko twins.

Jenny,  not dead, just sleeping VERY soundly.
Jenny's awake!

Ziva, 3/4 Boer X 1/4 Kiko doeling

Snow...or Sleet....or Rain. 
I can't tell them all apart! Purebred Nubian Buckling

Snow and Sleet, or Rain and Storm, Or Sleet and Rain...
Oh! Just ask Claire, she knows!
Storm? Rain?  One of those.  Purebred Nubian buckling.

My beautiful Sniper. 
Isn't this the most beautiful mutt you've ever seen?

ClaireAnna (purebred human girl, age almost 12)
Joey (purebred Maremma puppy, age 8 months)

Pumpkin (T minus 4.5 days and counting....) 

Spice (Same deal, one last wallow before.....)

ClaireAnna keeping Pumpkin from chewing on the water hose. 
See the stick in her right hand? 
She had to use it. Pumpkin is VERY rambunctious!

Elvis and Johnny Cash.  Such cuties!