Harmon PFarms raises percentage Boer meat goats for the market goat class at the county fair and for breeding or butcher.  We only breed to 100% registered Boer bucks.  Our does are all 50% or more Boer.  Some are also part Kiko or dairy.  All of the doelings we sell come with registration applications.  Our kids are creep fed, dewormed monthly, vaccinated with CD and T and ear tagged. 

Our daughter shows her goats at the county fair every year and some of the kids we sell are shown there as well.  In addition to other placings, we've had 4 Reserve Champion Market Goats and 1 Grand Champion Market Goat awarded to kids from our farm over the last 4 years.  We've also won Grand Champion Bred and Owned and Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Meat Goat Doe.

We have percentage Boer meat goat kids for sale every spring.  Call Lisa Harmon @ 479-970-5396 for availability or to get on our call list.

Registered 100% Boer, "Little's Buck Mountain Romeo"
This is Romeo as a young buck.  We actually traded a horse for him!  

Romeo in the barnyard on 12.20.2011
Romeo has been sold. We've kept several of his
daughters and are now looking for our next herd buck.


Harmon PFarms 2013 Meat Goat Kids
All kids sired by Romeo pictured above. 
(Dams are shown first followed by photos of their 2013 kids. All bucklings are for sale.  We will be keeping a couple of doelings and won't decide until the kids are a bit older which ones.  We are taking deposits on these kids.  They will be ready to go home by May 1st.)

Registered 50% Boer, 12-04-09
Meanie's daughter by Romeo, (Actually over 75%) Noel was born friendly and full of spunk and ClaireAnna fell in love with her on day one.  She was Claire's 2010 Market Goat.

Noel's 2013 Twins.
These twin bucklings are gorgeously marked!

Alexander SOLD!
Aristotle KEEP!

Ashley (Boer doe) gave us these 50% Kiko triplet does in March of 2008.  We kept all three and they have given us some very nice kids, including 4 county fair reserve champion market goats.   

50% Boer X 50% Kiko

Misty's December, 2009 twin bucklings.  The white one was sold to Cody Chuculate, shown at the county fair and won Reserve Champion Market Goat. 
 Misty's 2013 Triplets

 1 day old

Buckling - Tony AVAILABLE

Buckling (runt) - McGeek
McGeek passed away at 2 days old.

Doeling - Jenny KEEP!

50% Boer X 50% Kiko

Cheatah's 2013 Twin Doelings

Ziva David SOLD!
Abby SOLD!
50% Boer X 50% Kiko

ClaireAnna showing Lola's triplet buckling.  He won Reserve Champion Maket Goat and earned ClaireAnna $500 in the Market Sale!  (White goat in the middle.)
Lola's 2013 Twins
Buckling - Valentino -  SOLD

Doeling - SweetTart KEEP!

Unregistered Boer doe
We bought Monica from a previous customer (named Monica!).  She had two gorgeous bucklings for them out of our Romeo.  We liked her and her kids so much we bought her.  SOLD!

 Monica's 2013 Twin Does

Ashlyn KEEP!

Bray KEEP!

Registered 50% Boer Doe
Actually 75% Boer X 25% Kiko
Peanut Butter was born here and is a daughter of Romeo and one of the Kiko triplets.  We sold her as a weanling and then bought her back at the County fair almost two years later.  We didn't even know she was ours when we made the offer to purchase her, but we're glad she's come home to stay!  She's a very friendly and well put together doe!
 Peanut Butter's 2013 Twins
Pat and Patty!  Born on St. Patrick's Day!
Pat - buckling on the left.  SOLD!
Patty - doeling on the right.  AVAILABLE
Pope County Fair Winnings!!
(We only show at the county fair.  We do not attend breed shows.)
This sweet little girl won first in her weight class
and third overall in the market goat class with this wether,
purchased from Harmon PFarms

ClaireAnna's 2011 Market Goat wether, out of Lola by Romeo. 
This wether was actually the runt of triplets and never sold when we sold all the others. 
Claire had chosen a different wether for the show and this one was raised up with him.
As fair time approached, we realized that this scrawny, wimpy runt had blossomed and
was even nicer then our top kid of that year!  So ClaireAnna showed him instead!

Reserve Champion Market Goat!
Grand Champion Market Goat!
This is Grace, out of Ashley by Romeo, registered Boer doe.