Thursday, March 17, 2011

She’s Ten Years Old!!!

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I can’t believe it.  Time flies by so fast.  Her dad is refusing to acknowledge that she’s ten and keeps saying, “nine.”  Katelynn made her a Funfetti cake and she opened a couple of gifts from her sisters – Wii games!  Our gift to her this year is 60 days of training for her pony, Grinch.  She’s having a birthday party but not till April so mom can heal a little more from hip surgery.  She wore her St. Patrick’s day shirt and cowboy hat all day today.  Happy Birthday sweet ClaireAnna.  Maybe on your 20th, Daddy will stop calling you “the baby.”  P3170750 P3170754 P3170760

Ugly as a Toggenburg

This is our new goat. She’s ugly. Ugly as a Toggenburg because that’s exactly what she is. She was owned by a friend who asked us to breed her to our Nubian buck. He also brought over his Black Angus cow to breed to our Red Angus bull. After a couple of months he came to pick them both up and told us he had decided he wasn’t going to keep the goat. He offered her to us in exchange for the breeding fee on the cow. She’s registered Purebred Toggenburg but I said no because well…Toggenburgs are ugly. Kate feels otherwise though and wanted her so….what the heck. She is by far the ugliest goat on the place, but she will have registerable kids with our Nubian buck, Jasper. She’s due in July and they had better be cute! Her name is Rosalie.She’s ugly.

Post Script: We sold this doe before she kidded.  I just couldn't stand her ugliness! LOL

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Emmett and Alice

We bottle raised Jasper last spring. Jasper
He’s a purebred, registered Nubian Dairy Goat. We bred him to only 1 doe this year, Noel (ClaireAnna’s market goat from 2010). We chose her because she is a daughter of our only other buck, Romeo. She’s registered 50% Boer, but her mama was a grade meat goat so she’s got mostly meat genetics. We’ll call these new kids 50% meat X 50% Nubian Dairy. They are so cute!! Our first Nubian sired babies!
This is the buckling. His name is Emmett.
Head study of Emmett. He’s got the classic, Nubian-mottled ears and a nice roman nose.
It turns out our dairy doeling, Alice, is the tiniest kid we’ve ever had. She can walk under her mama and nurse without kneeling! And Noel is not a very tall goat!
Here’s the whole family, getting to know each other
Congratulations, Noel, on your first kids! They are beautiful!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hip Surgery #2

Friday, February 25th, 2011. My second hip surgery took place at Saint Vincent Infirmary. My surgeon was Dr. C. Lowry Barnes. We arrived at 9:00 a.m. and the surgery began around 12:00 p.m. Kay Manry waited with Ted and was there when Dr. Barnes came out to tell him that the surgery was over and went fine. His conclusion was that the ball of my old prostheses was coming partially out of the socket. There was wear on the it and noticeable irritation to surrounding tissues. Dr. Barnes gave me a new ball and socket liner and removed some scar tissue. He did not remove the old shaft or socket since they were both well attached to the bone (Praise God!). Dr. Barnes feels confident that at least some of the cause of my pain has been resolved. Only time will tell to what extent I will be healed. Ted is calling it my “tune up".


Kate had given me the Angel of Health a few months ago during one of my worst pain episodes and I brought her with me to remind me that Kate was praying for me and to keep me focused on my goal of getting better. ClaireAnna made me a wonderful get well card and the Harmons sent me some nice flowers. I also brought pictures of all of us, Ted and I on horseback, Jes, Josh & Lily, Kate and Claire. We were all there together in my heart and it gave me great strength.

The first day, still attached to the I.V. and catheter, I slept most of the time and through the night. Ted went home about 8:00 p.m. since I didn’t really need help that first 18 hours. The second night, he spent in the hospital with me so that I would have a helper when ever I needed to get up to use the bathroom. I felt so bad for some of the older people, who’s family had gone home. They had to push a button for a nurse when they needed help and then wait their turn. How blessed I was to have Ted by my side day and night. (Note: If you have an older family member, having major surgery, don’t leave them alone overnight. They need help and the nurses are too busy to be prompt and attentive.)


This is Saturday, 24 hours after surgery. I was required to dress and attend physical therapy twice that day. I did my therapy 4 times, walking to and from the therapy room and all around the ortho floor several times. Ted is a slave driver! He kept saying, “One more time around.” Those are compression cuffs on my calves, used to prevent blood clots. I’m to wear them 23 hours a day for 10 days post op.


Here I am in my hospital bed. If you’ll notice, there is a blue 4H ribbon hanging above my head. ClaireAnna had won it Tuesday night at 4H O’Rama, just 3 days before my surgery, and she gave it to me to bring to the hospital to remind me that she would be praying for me.

I went home Sunday at about 11:00 a.m., almost exactly 48 hours after surgery. I see Dr. Barnes again at 11 days post op for staples removal and a check up. When I got home, Sunday night, Josh came over to cook us Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches – A traditional Harmon Family favorite. He even cleaned up the kitchen afterwards! I got flowers from Lily (purple tulips) and a beautiful bouquet from my church family and we’ll be receiving meals every other day for a couple of weeks.

Hip surgery is hard. It is painful and frightening. But having my family there to support me turned a difficult time into a time to remember love and togetherness and took the sting out of an unpleasant situation. I thank God everyday for Ted, Jes, Josh, Lily, Kate and Claire – my family whom I love with all my heart and for all my brothers and sisters in Christ, my true extended family whom I could not live without! Love to you all!