Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Farmer's Best Helper

They are quite a pair, this father and daughter. Both born to be farmers. One teaching the other. One giving purpose to the other. If Ted is out working, she will be there too. Together, they tore down an old garden fence to use the fencing to secure her new duck pen. Here she is trying to clip the wire with a tool almost as big as she. She always wants to try and he always lets her. The next picture is of them taking a break while working in the duck pen. You can see the recycled wire fencing they've just attached to the coral panel behind them. ClaireAnna loves to ride in/ on the tractors with her dad. Here you can see them headed to a tractor through the field. She's in there with him as he loads a bale onto the trailer. We spent an entire hot and humid afternoon out in that field, loading 75 large bales of hay onto a trailer 10 at a time, driving 20 minutes back to our farm and unloading them. She was with him the whole time. Another day, when they were out bush hogging, after a couple of hours, she fell asleep in his arms. The next day, his shoulder was sore and I thought he had hurt it doing some farm work. "No", he said, "just holding 'the baby' while I was bush hogging." What would he do without her?


  1. Bush Hog is actually a brand name of field mower that you pull behind a tractor. When you are mowing a field it is commonly called, bush hogging.

  2. Great article. I like the photo of the two of them walking away... their arms and legs are even in unison. Ted needs a ponytail though. Haha.

    Very sweet post.

  3. This one makes me cry everytime I read it.



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