Friday, November 20, 2009

Farm Days!

ClaireAnna and I put together a scavenger hunt nature hike for some of our homeschool friends. The orange cards list things to do, see, hear, feel and smell. We hiked all over the farm and had an adventure together. Everybody seemed to have a great time and it didn't rain on us till we were headed back to the barn. Just a couple of sprinkles. Thanks for coming everybody! From left to right, Haley, Jennah, Erica, Olivia, Sami, Emily, ClaireAnna and Nicolet.

Things to do: Climb a gravel cliff.

We did it!

If you could only see the hill they just climbed to get to this rock pile!
Heading back to the barn after our hike. There is a donkey in there somewhere...Jack, do you need help?
My farmgirl!

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