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The death of Ranger has made fresh old wounds.  Some not so old.  I have realized that I never acknowledged the death of our beloved Bocephus on this blog.  (Summer of 2011)  I was still recovering from my hip surgery and on crutches when he passed away and our internet service was malfunctioning so I wasn't blogging much then.  This is his tribute. 
The day we brought him home.  8 weeks old.]
3/4 Anatolian Shepherd X 1/4 Great Pyrenees
Born in the goat pen.  

About 8 weeks old.
 Bocephus was the most beautiful dog we have ever owned, both as a puppy and as an adult.  From the very beginning, he had a presence about him that could not be denied and was well capture in the picture above. 
Exactly 3 months old.

3 1/2 months old.  He was a serious dog.

Age 6 months.  He didn't stay a puppy for long!
 Before the puppies were allowed to run loose, we'd chain them in the barn while we did our chores so they could watch us as we worked.  Then we'd take them out afterward for a walk or just to play.  Bo was always patient.  His only flaw - he was petrified of thunder, as is his sister.  He would jump into the hay manger in the goat pen and hide before the storm even arrived.
He loved to cuddle.
He was so very gentle.
As you can see, this was a frequent scene in our barn yard.  Bocephus was naturally gentle and never had to be taught not to bite hands (as most puppies do) or not to pull on a lead.  ClaireAnna could lead him anywhere on a leash.  He simply followed.  
Age 2.  I was so proud of him. 

Everyone who came to the farm loved Bo.  One visitor remarked, "That is the biggest dog I have ever seen in my entire life!"  Bo was very tall, much taller then either of his parents, with very long legs.   I used to tease him that he had Marfan Syndrome.  He was also very large boned and presented an impressive figure! We never weighed him, but our estimate was about 125 lbs.
Doing what he loved to do.

Can you see him in this picture? (click to enlarge)

There he is, right where he belongs, the faithful guardian.
Bocephus lead his goats out to pasture every morning, watched over them all day, and led them back into the goat pen at night.  He barked when he sensed danger and his goats listened and headed.  He was never trained as a guardian.  He had no older mentor dog to show him what to do.  He was born the perfect goat guardian and he loved it.  He loved us too, very much, but when it was time for us to go home, he was very content to stay with his goats.  I'm so glad he got to live out his purpose and that he had such a happy life. 

Bocephus is number two.  The number two most beloved dog I've ever owned. That's saying a lot since I've owend and loved many.  Only Indiana, my Bullmastif, holds a higher rank.  Is it ironic or just terrible that they both died at age three from cancer, Indy from hemangiosarcoma, and Bo, from stomach cancer?  Both these amazing boys will always be remembered with smiles as well as tears.  Smiles, because of all the joy they brought to my life.  Tears, as they flow now, because I'll never quite get over missing them. 

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