Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Love Song

By Lisa Marie Harmon

I wish that I could write a song
An opus just for thee
My love expressed in measured verse
A desperate rhapsody

I need to write the lyric strong
On notes that rise and fall
That wells up from inside me
Spilling forth to tell my all

Defenseless I am rendered there
No armor staves the pain
Crescendos of my love descending
In the scales like rain

Not pain from wounds or evil deeds
But pure intensity
A love so fierce it won’t be caged
A love I must set free

But when I put my pen to leaf
A rest is all I see
Love’s lexicon fails to produce
A single verse for me

The longest words are less than small
They never could impart
The essence of my love for you
Your grip upon my heart

And for the notes, what intervals?
What rhythm in what time?
Fast like the beating of my heart?
Slow like your breath with mine?

No chords could possibly progress
With sound to justify
No harmony, no melody
That wouldn't’ be a lie

I know I’ll never write the song
There’s nothing on the page
My song of love for you, my love
Is silent for the age

A song’s but whispers in a life
A life can louder sing
For all my days, to you, my love,
My life, my song will bring

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