Monday, January 24, 2011

Goat Problems

Grace and Teddi Bear are still struggling, unfortunately. Grace has mastitis on one side of her bag so bad it feels like a brick. We’ve been treating it but it’s not improving at all. This is such a huge disappointment because she is our most valuable, highest quality goat, not to mention, she’s a sweetie and we just love her. Severe mastitis ruins a goat’s udder and now, even if Grace lives, she will probably have to be culled. It’s just devastating. Little Teddi Bear is nursing vigorously on Grace’s good side, but does not ever seem to be full so we are bottle feeding her as well. She’s a cutie and Claire just loves her. I hope she makes it. She will be Grace’s legacy. My evaluation: Purebred goats are a pain. Our hybrids are so much easier to care for, never get sick, stay fat, have vigorous kids year after year! So why are the purebred babies worth so much more?? Doesn’t make sense.

Post Script: Teddi Bear died.  She had no immune system.  Grace's bag never recovered.  She was sold as a non-breeding brush goat.

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