Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who Knew ClaireAnna Would Love Basketball!??

ClaireAnna started Upwards in 2009. They offer basketball and cheerleading and since she had never tried either, she decided on cheerleading. She really had a great time that year. Then, later that summer, she attended a free, 3 day summer basketball camp at the same church. It was the first time she ever played and it really turned her thinking around. So for 2010, she played basketball. They had about 8 practices and 8 games and she just loved it. After that season, she said, “Now that I know how to play basketball, I would NEVER pick cheerleading!” This is her second year to play and she went from the youngest, least experienced on the team, to having a leadership role on the team this year. In game two, she made 20 points out of the 29 scored by the whole team! In Game 3, featured in the videos above, she made about 10 baskets also.  In the first two videos, she runs the ball down and makes a basket first try.  The third video is a little of her defense, then she gets the rebound and takes the ball down, attempts a basket, then runs back and more defense.  Final score: 36 to 24 Lady Wolf Pack!!!
FYI: Upwards is a low competition church league for kids who mostly want to have fun and learn how to play basketball.  It is decidedly and unashamedly Christian.  There are weekly Bible verses to learn at each practice and a half time devotion lesson for kids and parents at each game.  We LOVE it!   

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