Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Emmett and Alice

We bottle raised Jasper last spring. Jasper
He’s a purebred, registered Nubian Dairy Goat. We bred him to only 1 doe this year, Noel (ClaireAnna’s market goat from 2010). We chose her because she is a daughter of our only other buck, Romeo. She’s registered 50% Boer, but her mama was a grade meat goat so she’s got mostly meat genetics. We’ll call these new kids 50% meat X 50% Nubian Dairy. They are so cute!! Our first Nubian sired babies!
This is the buckling. His name is Emmett.
Head study of Emmett. He’s got the classic, Nubian-mottled ears and a nice roman nose.
It turns out our dairy doeling, Alice, is the tiniest kid we’ve ever had. She can walk under her mama and nurse without kneeling! And Noel is not a very tall goat!
Here’s the whole family, getting to know each other
Congratulations, Noel, on your first kids! They are beautiful!

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