Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ugly as a Toggenburg

This is our new goat. She’s ugly. Ugly as a Toggenburg because that’s exactly what she is. She was owned by a friend who asked us to breed her to our Nubian buck. He also brought over his Black Angus cow to breed to our Red Angus bull. After a couple of months he came to pick them both up and told us he had decided he wasn’t going to keep the goat. He offered her to us in exchange for the breeding fee on the cow. She’s registered Purebred Toggenburg but I said no because well…Toggenburgs are ugly. Kate feels otherwise though and wanted her so….what the heck. She is by far the ugliest goat on the place, but she will have registerable kids with our Nubian buck, Jasper. She’s due in July and they had better be cute! Her name is Rosalie.She’s ugly.

Post Script: We sold this doe before she kidded.  I just couldn't stand her ugliness! LOL

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