Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why Me?

I couldn't fall asleep last night.  Too many thoughts racing through my head.  But it wasn't what you're thinking......

I had come to bed late after enjoying some time playing around on the Internet.  I snuck into my bedroom where Ted, my sweet husband of 28 years, was sound asleep.  I grabbed my pink, sleeveless, cotton nightie.  The one my girls gave me, with little flowers all over it.  It is so cool and soft when I slip it on.  I just love it.  I wear it every night except on the nights that I wear the green one exactly like it. 

Once I put on the moisturizer and lip balm that I keep in my dresser drawer, I turned off the closet light.  Then, I adjusted my pillow...well, all three of them.  I sleep with two body pillows and one for my head.  The one for my head is squishy and soft and perfect.  I laid my head on it, flipped back my hair, pulled my favorite comforter (One I've had for 20 years) up over me, and relaxed into my bed. 

It was still really hot outside, but last night, the temperature in the house was cool and comfortable.  Ted had the bedside fan blowing upward to circulate air and the whole room felt so refreshing after the long, hot, August day.  It smelled great too, from the freshly washed cotton sheets on the bed and the scent of a delicious, new candle my dear friend gave to me that was sitting on my nightstand...Cupcake, I think. Yum!

As I laid there in my bed, enveloped by every kind of comfort, I realized that my hip, the one I've had twice replaced, was not hurting.  Not at all.  In fact, nothing was hurting anywhere on my body and all I could feel was sweet, pleasantness with all of my senses.  And then it hit me......Why me?

Somewhere, right now, someone is sleeping without a pillow...or a blanket....or even a bed.  Someone is too hot or too cold because they've no electricity, no air conditioning or fan or heat.  Someone, somewhere went to bed alone....friendless....or terrified. Someone can't sleep because they are worried, depressed or in pain. Right now, someone is sleeping in their dirty clothes, or in no clothes at all.  Right now, someone, somewhere is trying to sleep in spite of the stench of the open sewer just outside their glassless window, or pangs of hunger, the buzzing of too many mosquitoes or a very real danger lurking near by.

Why me?

So I started thanking God for all the little things that were making me comfortable right then.  Electricity. Air conditioning. Fan. Fresh air. House. Roof. Soft bed. Clean sheets. Favorite blanket. Pillows. Soft, clean nightie. Dresser. Moisturizer. Lip balm. Candles. Friends. Cupcakes. Painlessness. Husband. Happiness. Joy. Peace.

And then I spent some time imagining what my life would be like without each of them...........

And praying for those that do not have them.

Why me indeed.

Last night, I couldn't sleep because of the fact that I was so very comfortable! But even more so, because I was keenly aware that I was not uncomfortable.  It was my intense gratitude for all these undeserved blessings that kept my mind occupied.  And right on it's heals, was the compassion that filled my heart for those who are in uncomfortable and even unbearable situations.  I am so grateful to God for the reminder that "there but for the Grace of God, go I," and that even the smallest comforts are blessings that should not be taken for granted.


  1. Thank you for the reminder to be thankful. The message is right on cue. You'll never know how many people who stumble up on it needed this reminder right then.


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