Sunday, September 13, 2015

Upon the Pillow, Soft

By Lisa Marie Harmon

When to the darkness of the night she finds herself resigned,
It’s time to rest and let the Lord renew her tired mind.
And so she lays her weary head upon the pillow, soft.
The worries of her day, in prayer, she sweetly sends aloft.
Tomorrow is another day with troubles in reserve.
Tonight she feels the Peace she knows she doesn't dare deserve.
This Peace, it comes from just one source, 
the Name Above All Names.
It washes all her sins away and swallows all her shames.
It fills her thoughts with gratitude; it fills her soul with joy,
A happiness no truth can shake, no circumstance destroy.
Her life has not been easy; she has known her share of pain.
But every night, this Peace, it comes, and in her heart it reigns.
The pillow’s feeling softer now; the comforter is warm.
Her eyes are growing heavier; her dreams are taking form.
But just before she falls asleep, a smile crosses her face.
For she’s received the Promise of His never ending Grace.
And In His Grace she knows she will find all the Strength she must,
To rise upon the morrow and that day, to Him, she’ll trust.

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