Sunday, November 29, 2015

I Like You the Way That You Came

I wrote this poem awhile ago after looking through a fashion magazine and thinking about all the ways people in our modern times try to change themselves physically.  With plastic surgery, steroid enhanced body building, excessive tattoos, multitudes of piercings and gauges, body changing implants, exorbitance of fashion and/or jewelry and metamorphosing make-up, we can literally become unrecognizable as ourselves. Sure, we all want to express our individuality and creativity and often we humans do that through our physical appearance. But I also think that a lot of people are so deeply unhappy with who they really are or so petrified of not being accepted by others that they go to spirit crushing lengths to become someone they were never intended to be.  And I just wanted to say to those people.....Every single one of you was created in the image of God. You are endowed according to His Will and Wisdom with totally unique and intrinsic value and natural beauty. Nothing could be more perfect than that. He loves you beyond measure just exactly as you are. You are already different from every single other human being.  You are already special, amazing and precious. Nothing you do to your physical self can make you more valued, important or loved. 

I Like You the Way That You Came
By Lisa Marie Harmon

Your long hair is lily hot flame. 
Your tresses are blacker than night. 
Your curls sing canary gold fun.   
Your braids are mahogany light. 
Your smooth skin is cocoa dark brown. 
You shimmer an effloresce white. 
Your tan skin glows beachy sun gold. 
But your skin is red like a fight. 
Your eyes are a Bonnie bell blue. 
Your eyes melt a chocolate sea. 
You've got eyes of spruce hazel true. 
Your eyes can look straight into me.  
Your soft body rolls like the surf. 
Your body is spindles of thin. 
You'r tall and you're mountainly stout.. 
Your strong body races to win.  

Your shoulders are broad and they're square. 
But you have the smallest of mass.  
And you have a button small nose.  
You’re kind hands are wispy like grass.  

Your square face is solemn and stern. 
And your face is quiet with pride.  
You favor a whimsical grin. 
And your face shows happiness wide. 

No two can be one in reflection. 
Each one wears a crown of his own. 
Brilliantly made with intention.
Not chance like two dice that are thrown.  
So how are your stars all aligned?   
And what dispensation is true? 
What way are your textures combined? 
Just who is the authentic you?  

Some people don’t like their own book
As it was designed and imprinted.
They just can’t accept how they look
In the form that they were minted.

Each one of us changes with time.
In ways we both shrink and we grow.
But don’t change your natural rhyme
Into somebody nobody knows.

I like you the way that you came. 
Your features combine to a T.
You are the most perfect you.
And that you is just fine with me.

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