Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Strange Family Walk

Well, we went on a walk today, the whole family. ( All but Josh.) The strange part is who we took with us. We took the pups, the cats and the whole goat herd! It was quite the afternoon. It was the first time we have let the goats our of their pen. We weren't sure what would happen but they did follow us down the farm road and to a patch of brush, which they excitedly started nibbling on. We let them nibble for half an hour or so and then we walked back to the barnyard and put them up. Lot's of fun.

Here's the whole herd, exploring the hillside for the first time. They are so excited!

Two pregnant Boer does, nibbling on some greenery.
These are Leah and Abbigail, our two youngest kids.
This cow is not sure what to make of the new livestock sharing her pasture.

ClaireAnna leading a pup and following some goats back into the barnyard at the end of our walk.
As I was waiting for the goats to have their fill on the hillside, I turned around and took this shot of some of our horses grazing in their pasture. ( Seymore too!)

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