Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Project For Kate

Kate has always wanted a Pot Belly Pig. We’ve always said no. But last week, a wonderful family offered us this cutie and we changed our minds. She was raised in their home but has developed some behavior problems. Kate wants to work with her and try to help her learn to respect and get along with people better. She started the first day with clicker training. Things were rocky at first and this cute little piggy enthusiastically showed us her inner pit bull! 


In this video, taken 11/30/2012, the day after she arrived at Harmon PFarms, Penny is viciously attacking Kate’s foot. But Kate persists in making her move away and eventually, Penny obeys. Penny is learning that Kate can make her move. And if Kate makes Penny move, then Kate is the boss over Penny. Penny wants to be the boss! But from now on, she will be learning that she is not!
This video was taken today, just one day later. Penny has already learned a new trick! She is learning to obey!! Penny does not get any food without earning it. She is fed all her daily ration from Kate’s hand, only after she obeys in some way. It is going to take a while to completely change Penny’s thinking. She is still attacking anyone who walks by her pen. But we think she is showing improvement and we are determined to give her a chance! 

Penny is about 5 1/2 months old. She currently weighs 37 lbs. We believe she will reach about 50 lbs. at maturity. She sure is a cutie!

Penny’s story to be continued……

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  1. I love it! Penny is the cutest pig ever and I'm so glad she's making such a quick turn around!


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