Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Lovely Family Evening

ClaireAnna and her pony, Cindy, have been on many trail rides together over the last two years. Mom either rides along or walks while leading Cindy with a lead rope. ClaireAnna has reins and has been learning to take control, but I've always had that lead rope in my hand, just to be sure. Over the last two months, I have started to let go. I usually walk along so I am right there. As you can see, there is a lead rope on Cindy's halter but it is looped over the saddle horn. Tonight, the whole family decided to go. Jes happened to be visiting and rode Missy, Claireanna on Cindy, Ted, Kate and I on foot. It was a beautiful fall evening, clear skies, about 69 degrees. Cindy and Claire did great. We even stopped walking right beside them and let Claire have her independence. She was thrilled. If you notice in the pictures, there are two others on the family walk. Its Lizzy and Ozzy! We couldn't believe it as we headed away from the barn and heard "Meow" from behind us. Those two cats accompanied us the entire hour long walk, just like Thunder and Lightning used to. What fun it was.


  1. Wow and to think you could do this any night you'd wish. Living a dream I tell ya!!

    Beautiful photos Lisa.

  2. Thanks, Laura. Yeah, it is a dream. That was such a fun evening and I don't take for granted the fact that such fun and beauty is right in my back yard. It's such a blessing. I wish we lived closer. My horses would be your horse!

  3. Love the farm. It's a little bit of heaven. Just beautiful scenery, and all you have to do is look out the window. Love it. See you in December.


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