Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In His Loving Arms

I have physical, human, loving arms to rest in.  And even more wonderful, I also have supernatural, all powerful, all knowing, all forgiving, unconditional, divine, loving arms to rest in.  I am so blessed! This poem is about both.

In His Loving Arms
By Lisa Marie Harmon

At the end of a day
When nothing at all has gone my way
I know I can rest in his loving arms

When I’m tired and dejected
Frustrated, rejected
I always find peace in his loving arms

If my day’s been good
And I’ve gotten it right
My joy is shared in his loving arms

But oh, in those times
Of no reasons or rhymes
I’m so blessed as I rest in his loving arms

I don’t have to wonder
I have no concern
I know they’ll be there, when toward them I turn

He’ll gather me up
And hold me so tight
Tell me gently, "Everything's alright"

Because, tonight,
So faithfully,
His arms are waiting just for me

The troubles of this day will fade
 His warmth and strength will soon invade
And I’ll rest, in his loving arms

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  1. Beautiful and insightful.Thank you.


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