Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Bingo

This tradition started several years ago when I wanted something fun and different to do when my mom came to visit a week or two before Christmas. So I bought a bunch of prizes and we played bingo for them. The first year, I wrapped all the prizes and put them in the middle of the coffee table. We played bingo and the winner got to pick a prize. The winner could feel them and try to figure out what it was. You could also choose to steel a prize from someone else. This part of the game had to be eliminated because Josh and Jes nearly came to blows over stealing from each other! So now there is no steeling, but there is voluntary trading. There is always one booby prize and one grand prize. It’s pretty funny that several times the booby prize wasn’t such a booby. Like the time that Kate won a zit picker and was quite delighted. Or the time that someone won the purse pack of toilet seat covers and Grama happily traded for them.
Last year, Ted did the prize shopping and got ALL gift cards. The grand prize was $50 to Wal-Mart! This year, he also bought the prizes – 45 of them!!! So he put a sticker on each prize indicating the number and suit of a playing card. We played bingo and the winner picked a card. No one saw the prizes till all the cards were won. We try to make it so everyone gets several prizes by playing till there’s a winner in each bingo game. But once we had each won five cards, we changed to playing for only one winner for each game so some people get extra prizes. It was at this point that Claire said, “I’ve got butterflies in my stomach!” Josh ended up with the grand prize this year (last year too!) of $25 to Cracker Barrel but he traded with Claire for $20 to Pizza Hut!
IMG_3696Daddy was the caller! “G………42!” At first, he’d call out the letter, check his own card, and THEN call out the number! After enough complaining, he sped things up a bit.
The cards were spread all over the table. If you get Bingo, you pick a card!
IMG_3698 IMG_3699IMG_3704This duffel is FILLED with prizes! Daddy called out a card and who ever held it, claimed the prize!
Here are the cards Claire one. She only got five, but Lily gave her one of her wins to make six.
Here are Claire’s Prizes. She won butter cookies, Ferero Rocher, $20 to Pizza Hut, Gummy Octopus and some other stuff! She also got the booby prize but I can’t tell what it was this year! Sorry!
Here are Kate’s winning cards. She got six.
Kate won some sparkling juice, shampoo, a water bottle and two nail care kits which she liked very much!
IMG_3703Lily won the most games with 9, but she gave her last win to Claire. Aw……
IMG_3705Funny thing is, she won all the meat. Slim Jims and Beef Jerky, which she loves, and a can of Spam which she doesn’t. (and which oddly enough was not the booby prize!). She also got a little car vac, some nuts and a bunch of other stuff.
Jes with her prizes – Red Bull AND 5 Hour Energy drinks. She’ll need them to stay awake to watch the dumb movie she won – called….DUMMY! IMG_3708
Weirdo Josh with his prizes on the table – a HUGE case of Twizzlers, Pringles, Toblerone, and of course, the grand prize of $25 to Cracker Barrel.
We all had a great time and after the game was over, Josh fried every one up a Spam sandwich!!

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