Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pope County 4-H Wrangler’s Horse Club 06/18/2010 trip to Falling Waters Horse Camp

We had a fantastic trip to Falling Water’s Horse Camp with the Wrangler’s Horse Club.  Those who came along were, The Harmon family and Lily, Cody Chuculate and his grandparents, The Penka Family, Christina and Dayna Walker, Mike and Rachel Scott, the Danzy family and the Cochran family, 21 1/2 people in all!!  (Trevor, you were such a good baby!!!)

We had too much fun riding, swimming, chatting and eating around the campfire.  The weather was hot but otherwise ideal and the campsites were outstanding.  We camped right along the creek so the kids could play in the water while we all sat by the campfire and watched.  It was a GREAT Weekend and everybody had a wonderful time getting to know each other better.  4-H people are the BEST!!!  We all can’t wait to come back and hope the rest of our club can join us! 



The Whole crew, heading off on the last ride of our trip takes a break for a picture at the Falling Waters Horse Camp sign. 

You can view the album and see comments for each picture.

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