Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ozark Memories Day 2012

ClaireAnna rode The Grinch in the Ozark Memories Day Parade in Dover.  She has ridden Cindy in this parade for many years.  Last year, I walked The Grinch and he did great, but this year I was going to ride him.  At the last minute, Cindy appeared to be limping and we had to pull her out just as the parade was starting.  ClaireAnna had the choice to drop out along with me, or jump on The Grinch in my saddle and go on by herself.  Well, she wasn't about to miss riding is the parade so off they went, while I walked Cindy back to the trailer.  The Grinch was just wonderful.  No problems at all and ClaireAnna handled him beautifully.  I only know this because Dad was waiting by Dover Supermarket to video the event!  Good boy Grinch!  
After the parade, Dad took the horses home and ClaireAnna and I helped out in our Country Kids 4H Club bake sale.  I even entered the pie contest and won second place in the cream pie division! Yay me! Eventually, Jes, Kate, and Lily showed up and we walked around the festival with Kurt and Malcolm Penka, shopped, ate some food, and listened to some music.  It was a great day!

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