Saturday, November 3, 2012

How You Doin?

We finally realized that it was time to find a replacement for Bocephus.  Ted decided he'd like to try a breed new to us called the Maremma.  We found this adorable guy at Iron Star Ranch, in North Fork, AR.  We are so grateful to owners, Greg and Jan, for allowing us to adopt him. 
This photo was taken at Iron Star Ranch as we were first getting to know our new pup.


He rode on my lap in the truck, all the way home.  When I did put him on the floor, he just climbed right back up.  He's a cuddler!

Maremmas are a livestock guardian breed that originated in Italy, so we all decided that the new pup needed an Italian name.  We tossed around several: Vinnie, Mario, Fredo, even Pasta! But everyone finally agreed on Joey. 
As in...Joey Tribbiani!
I'm sure our Joey we grow up to be just as handsome!

I think he's saying it right here, "Hey, how you doin?"

For now, Joey lives in a large pen with two dairy goats who spend the night with him, but go out to pasture during the day. 

Please don't poo in my food bowl, thank you very much.

Joey will guard the goats and the sheep and hopefully, the entire barnyard.  We have no doubt that he will be a wonderful addition to our family!
Come back soon! These goats are only interesting for so long!

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