Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today in the Barnyard

Waddie and his minions are just hanging out in the bull pen.
His exile won't be over till the middle of May when he will be reunited
with his ladies and allowed 8 months of freedom.  
It is fun for me to get this close to him. 
There is a fence between us, but when taking this photo, I was just
about five feet from him.  He's big!!
The runner ducks are doing well. 
We are happy with the new duck and drake we got from another breeder. 
The drake is the one in the middle with the darker head. 
We are really hoping for our first purebred runner duckings in a month or two!
(We have never had a runner drake till now!)  

Annie Lee is proud of her triplets who are all doing well,
but are as yet, unnamed.
What's up with that, ClaireAnna?

Freckles is next to lamb.  We are predicting triplets for her also!
She's due March 28th. 

Merry got a good brush out and is getting some tie time.
The adage is, "A tied horse is a good horse." 
Merry is about to become a very good horse!
She will be brushed then tied daily for the foreseeable future. 
Getting her ready for training this summer.

While I was brushing Merry,
 ClaireAnna and Joey were cuddling in the hay.

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