Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today in the Barnyard

Jaden lying with his triplet brother, Al, 3/4 Nubian X 1/4 Boer bucklings

Bray, Boer doeling

It's always "fun" to happen upon this scene
and wonder if they are dead or sleeping.
Tony and Jenny, 3/4 Boer X 1/4 Kiko twins.

Jenny,  not dead, just sleeping VERY soundly.
Jenny's awake!

Ziva, 3/4 Boer X 1/4 Kiko doeling

Snow...or Sleet....or Rain. 
I can't tell them all apart! Purebred Nubian Buckling

Snow and Sleet, or Rain and Storm, Or Sleet and Rain...
Oh! Just ask Claire, she knows!
Storm? Rain?  One of those.  Purebred Nubian buckling.

My beautiful Sniper. 
Isn't this the most beautiful mutt you've ever seen?

ClaireAnna (purebred human girl, age almost 12)
Joey (purebred Maremma puppy, age 8 months)

Pumpkin (T minus 4.5 days and counting....) 

Spice (Same deal, one last wallow before.....)

ClaireAnna keeping Pumpkin from chewing on the water hose. 
See the stick in her right hand? 
She had to use it. Pumpkin is VERY rambunctious!

Elvis and Johnny Cash.  Such cuties!

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