Monday, April 1, 2013


Pretty Easter girl!

We got this Easter dress at the Good Will for $3!

All my beautiful girls and the mutts.
Coloring Easter Eggs


While sitting in the living room after Easter dinner at the girl's house, we heard music coming from outside.  Low and Behold, it was the icecream truck!  ClaireAnna had never seen an icecream truck in real life, (only on TV) so we scrambled for some change and rushed outside to meet him! We've been on the farm for almost 10 years, so this icon of neighborhood life had been all but forgotten.  I'm so glad she got to experience it. 

This is what Daddy did while the girls colored eggs.

ClaireAnna put a sock over Ladybug's head.  She ran around
until she hit her head on the table and then just gave up
in a crouch until someone rescued her.  

Easter was great day, with church at FBC, and then Easter dinner at Jes and Kate's house. I brought all they food. They made desserts. Lily was able to stop by for a visit, but Josh had to work.

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