Monday, April 8, 2013

Today in the Barnyard

The Katahdin lambs are all growing and doing great! We have six all together from two sets of triplets.  One triplet from each dam has been pulled off and is being bottle fed with goat's milk.  There are two white w/ brown spots rams, one solid black ram, two solid brown ewes and one black and white ewe.  We are keeping all the ewes and the black ram.  We are trilled and surprised to learn that the young ewe we bought last fall that was accidentally exposed to a ram, turned out to be bred!  She is making a nice bag and we'll have more lambs by the end of April!
Ronald Weasley, left, Severus Snape, right
This black ram lamb is my favorite! 
He's turning out really handsome!

Hermione Granger

Hermione and Ronald

Lily Potter

Harry Potter
Ginny Weasley

We had 11 Silver Marten kits born and these three blacks are the only
survivors but it looks like they are going to make it.  They are
three days old today.

These two look innocent right now,
but the evidenct of their delinquency is between them. 
Clearly, they are trying to bust Sniper out of his kennel! 
And they've almost succeded!

Edit! I was wrong!  We have a new lamb today!  This is our bonus lamb!  When we bought the dam, Clarice, last fall, she was not supposed to be bred, but a ram lamb had gotten into the ewe pen accidentally for just one night, so there was a chance.  Well, we lucked out!  It's a ewe!


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