Sunday, March 15, 2009

Go Green and White!

I have to acknowlege how out of date my blog is....Sorry, I've really missed working on it. But I have been very busy this winter. I've also had camera trouble and have had a hard time figuring out what was wrong, if I should have it fixed, and if I should spring for another camera and if so, what kind! Still haven't figured it all out. My pictures right now are terrible but they are all I have.

ClaireAnna was a cheerleader this winter with Upwards Basketball. She just loved it and did a wonderful job. Upwards also has girls teams so next year, she is going to play and then she will decide which she likes better, playing or cheering. Upwards is a para-church organization that puts on low-competition basketball leagues through local churches. The kids learn Bible verses and have devotions as part of their practice. The games are fun and have a half time devotion for the parents. There are 8 games, 1 every Saturday for January and February. Here she is in her uniform. "Go Upwards, Go Grean and White!"

After the game, the girls get sticker awards to put on their megaphones for best cheer, Christ likeness, most spirit, leadership ect.. ClaireAnna was always proudest when she got best leadership.

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