Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You KNOW I can't resist chocolate!

The fact is, stray dogs and cats are plentiful in rural Arkansas and we see them all the time, hanging around along the road, running through the fields, in the woods. One day, though, a particular little pup caught my eye. He was hanging around the highway about 1/2 mile from our farm. I saw him many times over the course of a couple of months and as the days went by, he got thinner and thinner and lost his hair. I was so tempted to stop. I'd slow down to get a better look at him.... but we have a strays. We just can't take on the responsibility. I had mentioned him to Ted. He had seen the pup too and admonished me, "Don't you dare!" "I know, I know...", I replied. We already have 2 rescue dogs and 2 livestock guardians. Four dogs is enough! And there are SO many stray dogs that come through the farm....we just have to stick to our guns.....right?

Well, one day last fall I opened up the back door to find a visitor on my stoop. The same, sad little puppy I had been seeing on the highway. He found me! When Ted came home that evening, the girls and I met him outside with cautious grins on our faces and eyebrows raised in anticipation.....what's Dad gonna say?? "Well, I sure hope you fed him" was all. We had. You see, this little pup was literally skin and bones. He was pathetic. Later that day I talked with Josh, who had recently moved into a rented home with a fenced back yard. He promptly came over and took the pup to his house. Josh and Lily nursed "Miller" back to health and look at him now!

A beautiful, stocky, shiny, healthy chocolate lab! Josh and Lily just love him. He lives back at the farm now since Josh is moving home. Isn't he pretty! He sure has come a long way from his days on the highway. He loves water and will retrieve anything you throw for him. He is happy and energetic and sweet. Here is a video of Miller. Watch that tail! It's like a baseball bat!

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