Monday, March 23, 2009

Smart and Chexy Two

Well, Chexy IS all grown up. She turns 2 years old this month. I foolishly procrastinated registering her with AQHA, but I finally got that done this past weekend. I believe her official name will be "Smart and Chexy Two". I think it is so cute and can't believe that no one has used it yet. There are so many horses with both "smart" and "chexy" in their name it boggles the mind. But I checked with AQHA and as of Sunday, that name was unused, so......I think we'll get it!
Most people would send Chexy off to the trainers this spring, but I am holding off. I just don't feel the need to start the wear and tear on her joints and legs this early. I will send her in late fall I think, or even next spring. We took her out and groomed her and took pictures for her registration yesterday. She was such a good girl. ( Of course she's in her winter woolies still ) I do have her listed for sale but it would break my heart to actually go through with it. I hope no one calls about her. :) I just love her so much. She has a wonderful, affectionate personality. She is definitely the best bred equine on the place. Some of the famous horses in her pedigree are:
Smart Little Lena
Lean With Me
King Fritz
Chexy Lady
This is her sire's pedigree:
This is her dam's pedigree:

Post Script: I sold Chexy to a girl in Oklahoma who will do reining with her.  I can no longer ride stock horses due to my hip and back issues.  Chexy was a love and I miss her terribly.

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