Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mini Mania Continues

We may not NEED a miniature cow, but wouldn’t it be FUN to have one!  We have friends who raise Dexter Cattle.  Dexter’s are much smaller then the average cow. cattleheight_294122704_stdThey had a little heifer born last spring that is even smaller then their other Dexters.  So……we’re buying her!  She’ll just be our pet, to go along with our other mini creatures and be in the petting zoo!  Isn’t she adorable!  She’s only 8 months old right now, but she isn’t going to get very big at all and she’ll be the perfect size for kids to pet and lead around on a halter.  Her name is Ellie May.  Welcome to Harmon PFarms, Elli!
P2050252You can tell how small she is compared to Ted in this picture.  P2050246

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