Monday, November 26, 2012

2012 Thanksgiving

We had a lovely, casual and relaxing Thanksgiving this year with all the kids in attendance.  Josh and Lily had plans with her mom on Thursday and her dad on Saturday, so we took Friday.  It was our first time to have no feast on the actual day (Thursday) so I did some baking and cleaning and then we ate dinner at Burger King!  Jes spent the whole weekend with us which is always excellent!  On Friday, I roasted a turkey in my new convection oven and it turned out just fine.  We always have the same thing for Thanksgiving dinner and everybody has a favorite menu item.  Dad makes the cornbread stuffing which only he and Jes eat.  (Yuck!  But for cornbread stuffing, I hear his is excellent!)  I make Squash Stuffing Casserole which is Kate and my favorite Thanksgiving food ever!  Josh loves the sweet potatoes with marshmallows (but this year they were "too sweet").  And for everyone, the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls with butter (Josh had eight!) and corn are must haves.  Jes made some yummy fresh cranberry orange sauce which Dad refused to eat in favor of the can shapped glob of jellied stuff.  But I loved it!  I baked a delicious apple pie on Wednesday that we ate on the spot.  I made a homemade pumpkin pie for Friday but it had egg shells in it and was a big disapointment! Next year, I'll try again. 
We have so much to be thankful for!

I LOVE those cute cheeks and that handsome beard!

After dinner, the girls played Sequence. 

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