Monday, September 22, 2008

Redneck Swap

We traded this horse............
For this goat............

Pretty funny, huh? Well, as much as we loved the horse, "Te", we really didn't have a use for her. We had planned to breed her and then keep her once we realized she was broke to ride.
See her story here....
However, we have changed our minds about both. ( Although I would LOVE to keep ALL the horses, Ted rightly says we have too many and must downsize) We have had Te advertised for $500 for several months. She is a WONDERFUL mare, but the horse market is in the toilet right now and we haven't been able to sell her.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the barn is a paddock full of female goats....with breeding season upon us. Our options were to buy a buck or borrow one. We started asking around and found out that Kevin Little, the co-leader of the 4-H Meat Goat Club had a buck for sale. The buck was, however, out of our price range at $650. Kevin raises and shows Boer meat goats and has some well known bloodlines. This buck has already been shown and has won some blue ribbons. So I said, "How about a trade?"
Little did I know that Kevin was actually actively looking for a first horse for his 14 year old daughter. I suggested they take Te for a trial and see what they thought. Well, 2 weeks later, we had our buck. Kevin's daughter, Lena, has fallen in love with Te and is riding her all over the mountains by herself. The whole family loves Te and will give her a great home and we ending up with a buck of much better quality then we would have ever had otherwise! ( The picture above is the buck as a weanling. He will get much bigger and meatier!)
The funny thing is, I had sold Te's daughter to another local family who ended up selling her to Kevin Little. So now Te and her daughter are reunited!
It's a funny small town life..........:)

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