Thursday, December 29, 2011

Look Who's Talkin'

Our barn is like Charlotte's Web at night.  I just sit and listen and take pictures.  

Oh my gosh! I had no idea! Dried chicken poop is delicious!
I know, right?!! 

You're welcome. 
I don't think this thing is supposed to be eating our food.  

I'm not gonna stop it.  Those claws are sharp! YOU stop it!
That winter fur coat makes you look fat. 

Hey, you did it! Look at him run! What a big baby! 

Ahem! We're trying to sleep up here! Keep it down!
Why, Mom? Why did you have to get those things?
Was I not enough for you?

Come on! That big dog's over here!
Let's get her!  

Seriously! Can we take them back?! 
What? Only one Christmas toy? It's MINE! 
No way! Give it here! It's MINE! 

Fine! I'll just chew your ear instead.
It comes with a squeaker! 
Get off of me, you maniac! 

What's all the commotion over there? 
What? Huh? 
Holy Cow!! That thing is huge!
It's a...I think it's a....T-REX!!! 
Be perfectly still.  Don't move!
It can't see us if we are perfectly still! 
I won't move! I'm NOT going to move! Not. Moving!
Is it gone?!

I think I can.  I think I can. 
Forget it cat.  I'm three times your size.
Besides, I've got something for you.  Look out below! 
I'm glad Mom got two of these things, cuz there's no way
I'm sharin' this.  No way! 

Goodnight, Mom.  You can go now.  I'm kinda busy. 

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