Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Say a Prayer For "Booth"

We found this huge calf today separated from his mother by a fence. Kate named him Booth. He must have been born close to the fence row and rolled under to the other side. He was very week. We do not know if he had ever nursed but we don't think so. We got him up to scoot him through the gate to his mother but soon after this picture, he fell down. We just had to carry him. Then we got the 4 Wheeler and a wagon, lifted him into the wagon and drove him up to the barn. His mother, Ruthie, trotted along side. We stomach tubed him colostrum and gave him several shots recommended by the vet, but as of 10:00 PM, he was still too weak to stand. We stomach tubed him some more nutrition and went home. ClaireAnna wrote in her prayer journal, "Booth, a baby cow that is sick. I love you Booth my baby cow." We are really hoping the morning has good news for us. ** UPDATE** Booth passed away the next day. :(

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