Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Trial Ride on the Farm

Today was a beautiful fall day.   Kinda breezy and a little cool, but sunny and beautiful.  ClaireAnna and I took Cindy and The Grinch out for a trail ride.  I rode him first because she was a little nervous, but I told her she could trust him.  When she realized I was right, we switched saddles and horses.  It was her first time riding him on the farm outside the round pen or the barnyard and only her second trail ride with him.  The Grinch’s behavior was impeccable.  He’s so calm and easy to ride.  He’s neck reining fantastically now.  He’ll go anywhere you point him.  He’ll lope off alone.  He’ll stay in a walk when the other horse lopes off ahead of him.  He even remains in a calm walk when the other horse comes galloping up behind him. He’ll go through mud, water, rocks, up hills, down hills.  We tested him on everything and he passed with flying colors! I know that eventually, he’ll have a bad something wrong…. but so far, he’s been perfect for her. ClaireAnna had a blast!  Mother cried.  We just can’t stop talking about it and thinking about it!  She is one lucky, happy girl! Next week – Falling Waters!!
PB090012 Copy of PB090007 PB090003
Here they are crossing a steep ditch with a narrow entry.  The Grinch didn’t like it when I tried it with him and I did get down and walk him through it.  After that, he didn’t hesitate again. 
Here they are doing what ClaireAnna loves most – loping across the pastures! 

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  1. Ithink if he was gonna have a bad day you would have already seen. There may be days he may be a little more energetic than others but the foundation you have put on him will/or has become 2nd nature and will over ride that.


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