Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Farmer's Daughter

There was a man who owned a farm.
He had a daughter blessed with charm.
She was a sweet and loving child,
Her spirit kind. Her manner mild.
Though some would say that she was spoiled,
On the farm she daily toiled.
Without complaint, she'd feed and care
for every critter quartered there.
She mowed the yard, lugged bales of hay.
She gave the shots on cattle day.
Her father beamed with pride to see
how helpful she would try to be.
But watching how she loved her pets,
made him the proudest daddy yet.
And just because he loved her so,
he never could quite tell her no.
Whenever she'd say, "Daddy please?"
He'd shake his head, though just to tease.
Then he would listen to her plea,
and grant her fancy hastily. 
He's bought her puppies, kittens, goats
"Santa" brought a donkey colt.
He's bought her ponies, ducks and hens.
Her lambs and ewes are in their pens.
A show hog for the county fair.
Alpacas came here in a pair.
Her latest gift from Dad, do tell,
A Jersey milk calf she named Belle.

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