Saturday, February 2, 2008


Well, we have once again added to our barnyard. When will it stop? Ted can only imagine! These two are brother and sister. They are 8 weeks old. ( 6 weeks in this first picture) They are livestock guardian dogs, 1/4 Great Pyrneese Mountain Dog and 3/4 Anatolian Shepherd. They were born in a pasture full of goats. On the left is Bocephus, the boy. On the right is Shani, the girl.
These pups will be raised in our barnyard with the sheep, llama, poultry and goats. ( When did you get goats, you ask?? Today! You can read about them in the next post! ) They will guard the animals and chase off any intruders. Bocephus and Shani will be friendly with people, but as adults, will happily kill a coyote (or stray dog) with thier paws tied behind thier backs. Our barnyard will be like Fort Knox! They will be 80 to 110 lbs when grown. Aren't they cute!

Check back often. I will be adding pictures of the pups at the beginning of each month to show how they are growing!


  1. I want one! Those pups are adorable. The bottom picture is quite intimidating, the rest make me really wonder if such cuties can really scare off some big bad dudes, but I will take your word for it.
    You guys make me laugh. What will it be next? Ostriches? I hear their meat is quite tasty as well. Or perhaps alligators - probably not the best climate in Arkansas. How about... never mind, you will think of something without my help!

  2. Great site Lisa! and wow...what beautiful pups! Hope all is well. Love to all. Cousin Bernie.

  3. Really cute pups. Love looking at the site, too. Jim said he's glad to see a little gray in Ted's beard. It made him less conscious of the gray in his! I've officially now saved this site as a "Favorite" so now I can check back more frequently. Jim says you guys are "living the dream" and he'd still love some day to come down and "check out the operation down there". Take care!

  4. Thanks for the comments guys! I'm so excited. No one ever leaves me a comment! Anyway, ostrich or alligator. We really do want some sheep though...hehe. Oh, just a couple...we'll see. We did butcher our own turkeys and chickens this spring and Ted says he did not enjoy the experience so we won't be doing that again. They were tasty though.

    Cheryl, I'm not sure if this is a dream or a nightmare! It is lots of fun but SO MUCH work. I guess it's good for me. But I really don't qualify as a "stay at home" mom anymore. I am home, but I'm busy shoveling crap, moving hay bales, fixing fences and burning brush. Okay, yeah, I love it.

    Lisa Marie


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