Saturday, February 9, 2008

Total Loss

We went over to Randy Martin's place today. These pictures represent what's left of everything he owns. We can only credit God that his family is alive and uninjured. ( see previous post titled "Tornado.") It is truly a miracle! Another miracle -- his yard was full of people today. Total strangers with leather work gloves, chain saws, back hoes and dozers. At least 50 of them. From what we saw this morning, Randy's mess will be cleaned up by the end of this weekend. Then he can begin to rebuild, along with the many other victims across the country.

We told Randy we would come get his goats and keep them till he had a place fixed for them. We did that today, but as we collected them he said, "Ted, I don't have a place for ME to live. It will be a long, long time before I'm worried about where my goats will live. Just keep them." (See them in the next post.) As we left Atkins with our horse trailer full of Randy's goats, we passed a funeral procession. I can only assume it was that of the family that died Tuesday. Mother, Father and sister all dead. Son/ brother the only survivor because he was not home. Please pray for all those who lost family and/ or homes.

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