Thursday, February 14, 2008

Budding Photographer

Our homeschool Co-op contracted with a professional photographer to teach the Jr. & Sr. high kids a 2 part 16 week class on digital photography. Kate completed the first 8 weeks before Christmas and has begun the 2nd 8 weeks this month. She had to take some photos for today's assignment and this is what she came up with. WOW! I love them.

I think this is the best photo. The contrast is so interesting. This in on our neighbor's ridge.

This photo is not staged. This barbed wire fence separates our land from the neighbor's. He had a cow die a couple of summers ago, in this back corner and just left it to rot. The bones have been picked clean by vultures and bleeched in the sun. Some time last summer, someone put the scull up on this T-post. Kate just snapped what was there.

I love this one. Blurred in the distance is a flock of wild turkeys.

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